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The campsite Els Ports is located at 1km of Arnes and at 3km of Horta de Sant Joan, all the small villages are a must because of their cultural interest, charming and natural beauty.


Surrounded by the unmistakable natural landscape of the Ports, one of the most important biodiversity reserves of our country.

The campsite Els Ports is the perfect option for families, couples and groups of friends who are willing to enjoy a quiet holidays.

The campsite Els Ports has different types of accommodations depending on the needs of our customers: pitches, bungalows and bangalis. From our accommodations the views are amazing (from the Arnes village, Horta de Sant Joan to the spectacular and incomparable landscape of the Naural Park of Els Ports).

Here, all your senses
will come to life


Inside the enclosure of the Camping is compulsory to keep the silence between 11pm to 7am.

The TV, the music, etc. they will have to be used with low volume and never from 11pm to 7am.

The vehicles inside the campsite can’t go more than 10km/h.

The circulation of the vehicles is forbidden inside the campsite between 11pm to 7am.

The visitors should be authorized by the management. If they stay more than 3 hours they must pay.

The facilities can only be used by the campers.

The animals/pets must be tied or in cages inside the campsite. Besides, we need their vaccination card when check-in. The owner is the only responsible if the animal causes some damages, as well as keeping the place clean. The owner must clean what the animal got dirty.

The check-out must be before 12pm, if you leave later you must pay one day more.

If you want to leave before 8am you must pay the day before.

The management of the campsite is not responsible for personal belongings left unattended in the tents, cars or camping-cars.

The registration in the campsite anticipates the approval of these rules.


You will find the exact location of all the services and accommodations that we have with the objective of making your stay more agreeable.


Take advantage of our offers, break the routine and enjoy the nature. See all the offers

Bungalows Luxe

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